Tim Kaine is Playing a Dangerous Game with His Eternal Soul

In his recent column published by Christianity Today, Democrat Senator and former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine trotted out the standard left-wing appeal to the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 to justify government sponsored theft. Like all those who pretend government confiscation and redistribution of property is synonymous to Biblical charity, Kaine refers to the practice as “compassion.”

As has been pointed out too many times to count by those who see the Holy Scriptures as something more than a set of principles to exploit for political gain, if I hold a gun to your head, take your wallet, and give it to a homeless man, that doesn’t make me compassionate. It makes me a thief. Yet that is precisely what Kaine perverts the teaching of Christ to mean.

That’s bad for a culture that struggles so mightily with Biblical illiteracy, but it’s tragic for Kaine himself.

Why? Kaine quotes the book of Matthew, which more than any other Gospel, highlights the conflicts Jesus had with the religious leaders of His day. Nearly every page is filled with Jesus confronting those who sought not to understand the truth of God’s word, but sought instead to use it as a weapon to introduce themselves to profit, power, and preeminence.

Christ spoke to these frauds exceedingly harshly, dubbing them “white-washed tombs” and “hypocrites.” Yet seemingly undaunted by the woes and warnings Jesus gave to them, Senator Kaine takes this very hypocrisy to the extreme as he writes,

When divisions and arguments erupted among the early Christians in Corinth, Paul wrote to them and compared a church with many members to a body with many parts…Paul concludes his observations on a body with many members by writing “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.”

To compare the dysfunction of Washington, D.C. to the Body of Christ is a herculean stretch by itself. But for Senator Tim Kaine to speak about honoring all parts of the body is too much hypocrisy for any person, believer or not, to stomach. Remember this is a man who admitted to David Gregory on Meet the Press back in 2009 while serving as Virginia Governor that he believed in legalized murder. Read this carefully:

“Kaine: Human rights broadly, my church teaches, and I do believe that human rights begin at conception or shortly thereafter, and that is my personal belief, but I do not believe the force of the criminal law should necessarily force others to follow that to the greatest degree… you shouldn’t be talking about overturning Roe v. Wade or criminalizing women and doctor.”

Notice that Tim Kaine did not say, “I don’t believe what is in the womb is a human being with rights and therefore I believe it is okay to have “it” killed.” He specifically admitted that he believes what is in the womb is a human being with rights just like you and me, but that it should be legal to dismember that human being. He justified murder on national television.

Much was made of Barack Obama’s ridiculous answer to Rick Warren that same year of 2008 when then-Senator Obama was asked when a baby gets human rights. In about as clumsy of a dodge as you can imagine, Obama stammered that determining that answer with specificity was “above his pay grade.” While embarrassing, at least Obama had the sense to play dumb. Tim Kaine answered the question by saying the baby girl in the womb has human rights but it’s still okay to murder her.

He said this because he wants votes – for himself and for his party. And he wants votes because he wants power. This isn’t a difficult logical connection to make. Kaine claims to be a Christ-follower but admittedly intentionally puts earthly power over faithfulness to God’s Word.

For the sake of his soul, Kaine would do well to stop searching the Scriptures for ways to justify his politics, and instead start searching his heart for its priorities. Jesus, after all, has plenty to say on that topic.

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