Tim Russert Rapes Mrs. Bill Clinton. Just Like Rick Lazio.

ImageDamn Tim Russert. He actually asked tough questions of Hillary Clinton in the debate Monday night. And now, Hillary’s campaign is on the attack.

This is all part of Hillary’s Victorian Campaign Strategy. You know the one. She is to be seen and heard, but not “listened to.” You are to presume that she is a dainty, delightful creature with pleasant opinions acceptable enough to be welcomed into polite society, but never you ask her tough policy questions, that would be cruel, offensive, and impolite.

And so Hillary Clinton seeks to have it both ways. A strategy we all knew was coming because of what happened to Rick Lazio when he ran against Clinton for the U.S. Senate in 2000. Lazio walked across the stage, dared to one up Mrs. Bill Clinton, and the media had a field day. Hillary Attacked! read the headline. “How *dare* Rick Lazio do that. She’s a woman! This is mental, verbal rape! *And* it’s the FIRST lady!”, the left wing pundits in the New York Times sneered.

And now Tim Russert has done it too. Save for a few guys at National Review the other night, most analysts have lambasted Hillary Clinton’s performance Monday night. The result is predictable.

Tim Russert roughed up a girl, is the spin. He dared to ask the front runner who leads by a wide margin tough questions. And she’s a girl. That’s unfair.

Doesn’t Tim Russert know that he’s not allowed to ask a girl tough questions even when she wants to play with the boys? That’s not to say he can’t ask the boy’s tough questions. He can. Equality is a one way street to the Clintons. But how dare he allow Mrs. Bill Clinton to answer one question, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, two different ways.

That, sadly, amounted to rape. Or at least you’d think so, given the outrage Mrs. Bill Clinton’s campaign and supporters are expressing.

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  • This made my day. Of course I didn’t waste my time watching the debate live as I had every reason to believe it would be just another case of the media reading questions from a script handed to them by Hillary’s campaign staff. After having seen the clips and read the transcripts, I think it’s pretty obvious that Hillary expected the same. We all knew what the Dems were up to when they refused to attend the Fox News debate, and this little Hillary implosion only confirms what we already knew.

    Their liberal policy doesn’t hold up when actually subjected to a well researched, common sense, logical challenge – something the mainstream media has carefully avoided for the most part. The Dems were rightfully wary of participating in a debate in which they would be forced to actually take a position and defend it against difficult questions.

    No doubt Hillary thought she was in friendly territory the other night when she stood on that stage in front her comrades at MSNBC. She obviously never anticipated being forced to actually take a position and then – shock of all shocks – defend it! Thank you Tim Russert – for going where no man has gone before – for actually asking Hillary questions that forced her to reveal who and what she really is all about. Maybe more journos will be encouraged by you bravery to step into the fray, and bring out more of the shrill in Hillary.

    I’m not holding my breath…but one can hope.

  • Now, why is it that Hillary Clinton can get away with accusing “the boys” of “picking on a girl”? This kind of behavior is what gives women a bad name, and undermines what feminism was supposed to be all about (well, until it became clear that it was all about supporting Leftist dogma and not women’s rights). How dare she or her campaign complain that she’s being treated like any male candidate would be treated!