Time Magazine Demonstrates Why Americans Hate the Media

Just a few days ago CBS News celebrated the 56th birthday of former President Barack Obama by drooling over their compilation video demonstrating how:

“Barack Obama wasn’t just the “president,” he was the “crooner-in-chief.” Take a trip down memory lane as he celebrates his 56th birthday.”

Not to be outdone, and desperate to keep pace in the ongoing challenge amongst mainstream American media to prove afresh each day why people loathe and despise mainstream American media, Time Magazine got into the act.

No, Time wasn’t praising the former president’s singing, or even putting him on their cover for the 81st time in a row. Instead, they were deceptively editing the words of one of the left’s great boogeymen, Charles Koch. The headline of their piece, which anyone in the news business knows is the only thing the vast majority of people will read, screamed:

“Charles Koch Says U.S. Can Bomb Its Way to $100,000 Salaries”

The reader is left with the impression that the libertarian-leaning Koch brother is so callous, cold, and calculating that he would choose initiating wars and destroying lives simply to make a profit. And that’s exactly as Time intends, because Time is trash.

The truth is that Koch was actually remarking how despicable of a mentality this would be. While it’s true that building bombs can cause the GDP of a nation to go up, Koch argued that was obviously an irresponsible and reprehensible way to measure prosperity. Here’s the full Koch quote from which Time took their headline:

“I think we can have growth rates in excess of 4%. When I’m talking about growth rates, I’m not talking about GDP, which counts poison gas the same as it counts penicillin. What a monstrous measure this is. If we make more bombs, the GDP goes up – particularly if we explode them.”

Time tweeted out the story with this as the quote they pulled to attach to the story: “If we make more bombs, the GDP goes up – particularly if we explode them.”

The very principle that Koch called “monstrous” is what Time purposefully promotes as Koch’s preference. It’s horrendous journalism. In fact, it’s not even journalism; it’s left-wing propaganda.

Anyone who remains baffled as to why the American people hate their media just isn’t paying any attention. The question is answered almost every day.

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