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  • Dear Erick,

    I have been looking through my blogroll, trying to find out which weblogs are still there, and which are not. (I am one who very much does not like change, and it is frustrating and upsetting sometimes to see good weblogs that have disappeared from the face of the Blogosphere, or whose old posts have been removed.) I am glad to see that you are still a blogger. I think that after I posted a comment & question about Bob Novak at one of your entries awhile back, you responded to my question in an e-mail, and then added my weblog to your blogroll. I added yours afterwords, and I am glad to see that your site is still here (though the design has changed… as has happened to many weblogs and sites – those that are still around).

    I know how it is to not feel well… I have been having those types of problems these past several weeks – though the ickiness it has been more emotional than physical. I hope that you feel better soon. Don’t worry about something like this affecting your blogging; it happens to many people… I mean, my blogging rate is down at times (at many times, especially during the past year), and I still get a steady stream of visitors. Right now, I myself am going to be unable to blog for awhile; fortunately, I have gotten some good guest bloggers to fill in for me while I’m away… This is the first time since my blog was started in which it’s had multiple guest bloggers, so it may get interesting. Anyway, once again – I’m glad that your weblog is still up, and please keep up the good work. I hope that you feel better soon!

  • Had that a couple of weeks ago….Hubby made me take Nyquil for three or four nights and it helped. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Run to the store and get some Zicam. It is absolutely the greatest homeopathic cold remedy that I’ve ever tried.