To Defeat Trump You Must Get Under His Skin …

The call is out from conservative activists and leaders alike. Now is the time to take out Trump. Mr. Trump has continued to defy the conventional political thinking. Whether it was the prediction he would fall after Labor Day, or that he would not be able to convert large crowds into votes without a traditional GOTV operation, Trump has shown that he isn’t going to self implode.

That said, what Mr. Trump has shown time and time again over the course of the primary season is that he is incredibly thin skinned and can’t really take a punch. Granted, for those caught up in the Cruz/Rubio side match you may have missed how easy it would be for either to get Trump off balance and leave him bloodied on the canvas by Super Tuesday. But let’s look at what has actually happened as recently as this month.

Make America Awesome Again, a conservative PAC meant to counter the rather cancerous campaign of Donald Trump, has been punching Trump in the nose for the last week on radio, tv, and digital ads across Nevada to inform caucus goers of the many inflations, misstatements, and flat out lies that Mr. Trump has spouted about his positions and record while on the campaign trail.

The transcript of the radio ad, which is playing heavily in and around Clark County on both AM and FM stations, is as follows:

“Real Trump Record” Script:
Christmas leave you feeling stressed? Maybe a little broke?
Most of us know that feeling.
We could use someone on our side, fighting for a better economy and higher wages.
Some folks say that’s Donald Trump, and they think they know him from the character he plays on TV.
But Trump’s real record? Not so fast.
That $10 billion he claims he’s worth?
Forbes Magazine says Trump’s exaggerating, claiming to be a lot richer than he really is…
Maybe he hopes you’ll forget his companies have gone bankrupt…four times.
Trump says American workers are paid too much.
Maybe that’s why he’s been caught importing cheap foreign workers…

…and Trump’s casinos have slashed worker benefits.

The Washington Post says the way Donald Trump got richer was at the expense of taxpayers, or the banks and investors who loaned him money.

He’s even used government power to seize private property, and brags about it.
That’s the real Trump record; fighting for himself, not for us.

Make America Awesome paid for this ad and is solely responsible for its contents. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

This ad left a mark on Trump, so much so that he attempted to get it taken down.

That’s right, Donald Trump, Mr. Toughguy, President Macho Camacho … had someone on the campaign try to get this ad pulled from Nevada radio by hinting they would sue at least one station airing the ads according to an email sent out to the press by Liz Mair, who runs the Make America Awesome effort.

And that’s just a radio ad. Visual ads, like one in which a series of moronic Trump comments, of which there is a YUGE supply, are spliced together in a mesmerizing melody of mocking moments, should do the trick nicely as well.

And that’s just what Mair and Make America Awesome have done.

Mair shared their plans for this ad to run statewide in Nevada, “on reality TV shows featuring on A&E, among other channels, which have significant Trump-inclined voter viewership.”

“Not For Us” Script:

You’ve seen the Trump show.

[Trump: “You’re fired!”]

And know the act.

[Trump: “Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing, you know what that is, right?”]

But the real Trump record?

After inheriting millions, Trump mismanaged his companies into bankruptcy four times.

Trump protected his money, but left working folks stuck with the bill.

The Washington Post says Trump got rich at the expense of taxpayers and banks and investors who loaned him money.

And he used government to take private property.

That’s the real Trump record.

He’s for Trump.

Not us.

Make America Awesome is responsible for the content of this message.

We will know a little later tonight whether or not this had an electoral impact, but judging by the squeals that have come from the Trump campaign, I think Liz Mair and Make America Awesome are on the right track.

Now if we could only get Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to follow the advice of Erick Erickson, myself, and many other on the right, and take this sort of fight to Trump directly on the campaign trail.

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