To Deny President Trump Any Credit, the New York Times Rewrites +2100 Years of History

In 416 BC, the Greek city-state of Athens decided it had to besiege and destroy Melos so every other Grecian city-state would know Athens was strong. Julius Caesar famously marched his legions through Gaul and camped there to send tribal leaders strong signals that there was a new sheriff in town. The Emperor Claudius invaded and conquered Britain to show he was strong and could do what others before him had not. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid saw American bombers fly over Tokyo to signal our resolve and determination. After becoming President, Donald Trump launched missile strikes in Syria and allowed commanders in Afghanistan to drop the MOAB on ISIS, signaling a change in American policy and a re-engagement from a position of strength.

All these things were not just military strategy, but they were shows of force designed to send a message to rivals. They were historically acknowledged as useful military strategy until three days ago when the New York Times, to deny President Trump any and all credit for military boldness, determined there is no evidence that shows of force do any good.

Before I go on, you should note that the New York Times article is writing by Max Fisher, formerly of Vox, who is a partisan leftist. He famously rewrote Israeli history to undermine the historic existence of Jews in Israeli territory and got basic historic facts wrong about Israel while peddling Palestinian propaganda.

Now, Fisher has tracked down several liberal political scientists who did not vote for Donald Trump and they naturally declared that such signals are of no value and do not really send messages.

This is the state of the American left. They have swallowed up their intellectual honesty to avoid saying anything nice about President Trump. They will rewrite 2100 years of history to avoid concluding President Trump might have done some good. What is troubling is that the New York Times gives a platform to historic revisionism to serve partisan goals. At a time the Times laments the rise of fake news and the lack of respect for science, it allows a partisan leftist the veneer of objectivity to rewrite history.

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