To Lady Gaga and Trump Protesters: Yes, He IS Going To Be Your President

Across America, protests have popped up chanting against President-elect Donald Trump. These people are truly ignorant, and their pointless gesture is no better than the “alt-right” thugs who punctuate pro-Trump gatherings.

“Not my president, not today,” was a chant heard at protests from Boston to Los Angeles. In downtown Los Angeles, high school students crowded the steps of City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Protester Brooklyn White was holding a sign that said “Hate won’t win.” The 18 year old voted for Hillary Clinton and was disappointed. “We can’t let it stop us. If he’s the president then fine, but if Donald Trump is gonna be it then he has to listen,” she said.

At Berkeley High School in California, about 1,500 students walked out of classes Wednesday morning. In des Moines, Iowa it was hundred of high school students who left class to protest of election results. In Phoenix, about 200 students from Carl Hayden High School marched to the state Capitol in protest.

These people better get it out of your system now, because I’ve got news for them: Yes, Donald Trump IS going to be your president.

When Barack Obama first won the presidency in 2008, many who were swept up in his hope and change celebrated as if their savior king had arrived. By 2014, some of the same people realized that there is no Wizard of Oz to solve all our problems. But there’s always a new generation of ignorants who believe the hype.

Two opposing rallies crowded Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House, while protests on the other side of the country threatened to turn ugly. Brian Barto, a protester who had remained at the White House after most dispersed, told CNN affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington that he was “destroyed, honestly distraught.” “Everything that has been built up has been destroyed. … America has failed (minorities).”

Trump didn’t destroy anything. Progressive Democrats with a radical social agenda who consistently pushed too hard against values not shared outside liberal enclaves have failed. They failed to make their case at the ballot box, and proceeded to use shame, celebrity and virtue signaling to force their extreme views using biased media and favorable judges.

Now a celebrity rose against them and took back the battle of rhetoric. Now those protesters in the street have nobody to hear their case, having lost 30 state legislatures, 11 governorships, 13 Senate seats, 69 House seats, and now the White House. So they take to the streets to complain how unfair everything is.

The American polity can only swing so far before it must by its own weight throw back to the other side of the pendulum swing. The axis upon which the pendulum swung this time is political correctness run amuck, globalist/socialist fantasies, and a general economic malaise caused by years of social engineering.

These protesters should be glad it’s Trump coming into the White House. Among the crop of Republicans who began the race, any of whom could have beaten Hillary Clinton, Trump is the most socially and fiscally liberal. His bark is singularly worse than his bite.

Instead of protesting Trump, they should be celebrating that finally, they get a Republican they’ll probably be able to live with. But they are already conditioned to hate him, because Lady Gaga said so.

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