Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign stop at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Today, Indiana Republicans Decide if Hillary Clinton Becomes President

“By the time the Democrats are done with ‘Trump Republicans’, more Americans will want rectal cancer than Republicans in office.”

Should Donald Trump win Indiana today, Hillary Clinton will most likely become President of the United States. The path for Ted Cruz to stop Trump from getting to 1,237 will become extremely difficult, though not impossible. But the Republican consultant class will swing into high gear for Donald Trump, knowing that a Cruz nomination puts many of them into retirement and a Trump nomination keeps the gravy train rolling.

Indiana handing Trump a win makes the odds likely Trump is the nominee and Trump as the nominee guarantees a Hillary Clinton election. What Republicans who like Trump do not appreciate or choose to ignore is that most Americans do not like Donald Trump. When Trump supporters talk about the “will of the people,” they are only really talking about 40% or so of the Republican Party, which is the smaller of the two political parties.

Though Hillary Clinton, at 37% unfavorable, has higher unfavorable ratings than any other person to run for President since 1980, Donald Trump’s unfavorable rating from the voting public is higher than even that at 52%. Over 70% of women find Trump unfavorable. Over 85% of Hispanic voters find Trump unfavorable. And unlike the Republicans, Democrats have even more opposition research on Trump to make those numbers go up further.

$20 million will be allocated by Democrats for the month of June alone to ruin Trump. Over 80% of the opposition research on Trump has not even been made public yet. Beyond the $20 million in June, the Democrats are expected to spend upwards of $100 million in swing states against Trump. Further, they are expected to spend tens of millions of dollars to depress the Republican vote in states like Georgia, where polling suggests Trump could hurt Republicans.

The devastation down ballot is going to be tremendous if Trump is the nominee. By the time the Democrats are done with “Trump Republicans”, more Americans will want rectal cancer than Republicans in office. Trump will make it easy for them. Hillary Clinton will be President.

When November rolls around a pollster will do a survey asking Republicans if they voted for Donald Trump. What we will find is that less than twenty percent of Republicans this coming November will be willing to admit they ever supported Donald Trump. The Supreme Court will be lost for a generation, gun rights will be curtailed, unionization will rise, and homogenous secularism will spread from Washington down to your local community.

Hillary Clinton will be elected if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Indiana today has a chance to prevent that. If Trump is the nominee, it’s downhill from the nomination to the annihilation of Republicans nationwide. And the irony? Most of the Republicans even Trump supporters hate are not on the ballot this year. So guys like Mitch McConnell will keep their power.

The Trump supporters want to burn down the GOP. Today we find out if Indiana will strike the match for them.

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