Today, Men Across America Can Finally Watch a Movie Without Constant Interruptions

Today is a glorious day. In addition to the husbands across America not seeing their bank accounts raided by spendthrift wives, men will finally be able to watch a movie in peace, without constant interruption. The womyn are striking!

The leftwing women’s march, which does not accept pro-life women as real women, has called for today to be a day of striking. Students and well to do women who can afford it are going to walk off the jobs and not help with their kids. Many teachers are doing this, thereby forcing poor mothers out of the workforce for the day to take care of their kids since the teachers won’t be in school.

This is not about protesting, really. It’s about their terrible candidate getting beat. This is about sore losers. They cannot get over it. They claim offense while many of them are being offensive. They claim they oppose bigotry while many of them engage in bigotry against pro-life women. They will claim any moral high ground they think they can and the media will let them do it.

You know what? Let them.

It will totally be worth it to not have distracted female drivers on the road.

It will be totally worth it to be able to watch a movie in peace without constant interruptions.

It will be totally worth it to not have wives out shopping all day.

They should make this a weekly event — of course that would just hurt the poor who do not have the privilege to go striking at leisure, but will have to forego work to stay home with their kids.

A woman who strikes today is a woman of privilege who will claim to have none.

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