Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak during a rally at Gilley's in Dallas, Thursday, June 16, 2016. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Today President Trump Will Do the Simplest of Things: Enforce Existing Immigration Laws

President Obama failed to enforce existing immigration laws over the past eight years. Many immigration laws that people want are already in place, but not enforced. That all changes today. President Trump is heading to the Department of Homeland Security where he intends to announce swift action on a host of immigration measures including building the wall, suspending the refugee program, and ending sanctuary cities.

I am told the President will sign an executive order to proceed with construction of the wall along the border with Mexico. He will also suspend the refugee program, but not with a blanket ban on Muslims. Instead, he will prohibit immigration from terrorism hotspots around the world, which was the proposal Ted Cruz had suggested during the election.

I am also being told President Trump intends to crack the whip on sanctuary cities. He can, through an executive order, prohibit federal funds going to cities currently willfully violating U.S. law by harboring illegal aliens. Likewise, in Texas, Governor Greg Abbot has announced his intention of withholding state funds from Travis County, Texas, whose sheriff has declared Austin, TX a sanctuary city.

Lastly, I and others are being told not to expect much action on DACA right now. The President will order ICE to focus on deporting those with criminal records.

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