Today We Will Find Out What Cheap Dates the Evangelicals Are

“Trump claims to be a Christian and claims he has never had to ask for forgiveness. 1 Cor. 5:11 says Christians are not even to eat with a person like that.”

Donald Trump is meeting with a bunch of evangelicals today, including a bunch of the prosperity gospel con artists, which is more than fitting. This comes on the heels of Ralph Reed attacking Christians for standing on their convictions against Trump. Reed called it the sin of pride. Ralph Reed actually should keep his mouth shut about Christians who stand on their convictions. If Ralph spent more time sending Republicans to church instead of sending the church into the GOP, perhaps he would not have gotten in bed with Jack Abramoff where, among other things, he fought against improving the standards of Chinese women in the Northern Marianas Islands who “were subject to forced abortions” and “were subject to forced prostitution in the local sex-tourism industry.

Ralph claimed ignorance. I’m sure when Trump embarrasses himself enough or loses, Ralph will claim ignorance. Ralph Reed has made a lot of money by trading on Jesus’s name for politics and it is a shame to see him back to his old ways after the shame of the Abramoff scandal. That he’s doing it for Trump is more than a bit fitting. He still should be ashamed of himself after that ghastly speech at his most recent conference.

Along with Reed, Trump has Paula White on his side. She’s a prosperity gospel minister who, like Trump, has had the IRS all over her business. No word on if she’ll bring Benny Hinn to Trump’s side.

But it’s not just these useful charlatans Trump is bring to his side. He’s bringing in a lot of good people to tempt them. Today we will see if they will withstand the temptation and Ralph Reed’s judgment on their sin of standing by their convictions. Trump is desperate for evangelicals to lay hands on him. When he isn’t busy throwing money in the plate that has the Lord’s Supper in it, Trump has been telling everyone what a good unforgiven Christian he is and how he’d like to have sex with his daughter, but not Paris Hilton who he thinks was really hot as a 12 or 13 year old. He did watch Paris Hilton’s porno tape though with his girlfriend.

We’ve already seen a bunch of Christians who denounced Trump in the primary run to him now claiming that because his brand of evil has an elephant next to it that we all have to support it. After all, Trump, like Hitler, is not Hillary Clinton.

The fact is if a Christian decides he wants to vote for Trump, that’s fine. But don’t go the road of Ralph Reed and start questioning the convictions of those who refuse. The Bible explicitly says that Christians are absolutely to judge those who claim to be Christians and are “guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler.” (1 Cor. 5:11). Trump claims to be a Christian and claims he has never had to ask for forgiveness. 1 Cor. 5:11 says Christians are not even to eat with a person like that.

Today, a bunch of preachers will eat with a person like that. And if they lay hands on Trump and claim him to be a Christian worth supporting, they need to remember that there will be a last day and on that last day they will be called to account and they will be asked if they put the Kingdom of God before the Kingdom of the GOP.

The single biggest indicator of opposition to Donald Trump among Christians has been church attendance. The more a Christian goes to church, the more that Christian is likely to oppose Donald Trump. Today we might just get a sense of how often some of these evangelicals really go to church.

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