A supporter holds a sign as he waits for Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign stop at Waukesha County Exposition Center, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Waukesha, Wis. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Today, Wisconsin Makes It Harder For Trump to Win

Cheese, the Packers, Miller Lite, what’s not to love about Wisconsin? Today there is more to love. Today, Wisconsin will make it harder for Trump to become the Republican nominee. Trump, just yesterday, said he did not care about the rules. He actually said that. Well, Wisconsin is going to make him care.

Ted Cruz, according to all but the ARG poll, is going to have a big night in Wisconsin. He leads handily in the polling averages, has leadership in every congressional district, has delegates targeted for support, and has run circles around Trump.

Trump, likewise, has time and again over the last few weeks proven himself a selfish, shallow jackass who is not a conservative, never was a conservative, and is of dubious Christianity.

Wisconsin is going to turn out for Cruz. The delegate wins in the districts will not pull Cruz ahead of Trump, but will go further toward keeping Trump fro getting to 1,237 delegates.

We owe Wisconsin much for this. Not only will sanity prevail tonight, but the next election will be two weeks later forcing Trump to stew in his loss.

I commend to you this piece by Robert Eno, who sets out the path forward. It is a path that is more and more detrimental to Trump. It is a path forward that favors Cruz and also makes an open convention very likely. That open convention favors Cruz.

Today, Wisconsin makes it harder for Trump to win and Wisconsin has the thanks of many.

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