Tomi Lahren seen at Politicon 2016 at The Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, June 25, 2016, in Pasadena, CA. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)

Tomi Lahren is the Embodiment of the Bratty Millennial Stereotype

There is a fundamental problem with Tomi Lahren that no one likes to talk about. For those of you who do not know, Lahren is the proudly unread, unnaturally blonde young thang who had a show on The Blaze until she self-immolated on national television in a moment of opportunism that blew up in her face.

But here’s the thing. Just how bad is Tomi Lahren, despite the little cult of personality she has tried to create? She’s this bad: in a show that runs for one hour, people only know about the last two minutes of her show when she gives some scripted monologue.

That’s a real problem. There’s a whole 38 other minutes and she cannot hold it. Somehow she thinks she is entitled to it. She fits every single stereotype of bratty, entitled millennials out there. And, before she deleted them, her tweets from her college days further prove it.

That is why I am glad to see Glenn Beck fight back against her lawsuit in which she tries to bite the hand that fed her for so long.

Lahren claims she was fired and is apparently too stupid to know that when one continues to get a paycheck, that means they are not fired. It is pretty standard in television and radio contracts that a person can be taken off the air and, as long as they are paid, have no reason to complain.

What’s more, Lahren truly believes that she is being taken off the air for having an opinion on a controversial issue. No, that is why she was put on the air. The reason she was taken off the air is that she changed her position, publicly, only a few months after taking the exact opposite position and then called everyone who agreed with her prior position a hypocrite. Insulting your audience is a great way to get taken off the air.

You don’t get to keep your show on a TV network by calling the audience hypocrites. Lahren went on The View and, trying to suck up to the hosts, declared herself in favor of abortion and decided anyone on the right who thought otherwise was a hypocrite. Lahren had, only a few months before, declared herself pro-life and denounced the pro-abortion cause.

There is, of course, more too it than that. Having read both the countersuit and knowing people who work at The Blaze, the stories are all consistent. She is a terrible person who treated people badly when they worked with her. She was hard to work with, clearly not all that bright, and her latest antics show how spoiled and entitled she is. For Pete’s sake, she bragged about not liking to read. That right there explains so much. Were I in charge instead of her blessedly patient current bosses, I’d have fired her then.

Tomi Lahren is not the poster child for successful millennials. She is, instead, the epitome of why millennials are given such a hard time. She is not a hero or martyr for any cause. She is a brat who is acting out at being deservedly disciplined.

Again though, this all overshadows the most important point and why her future in television deserves to crash and burn. She had an hour show and the only memorable part was the last few minutes where she said outlandish things in the name of MAGA. If she had an extremely strong audience and a highly rated show, she’d have never been taken off the air. As someone who has been in this industry for a while, it is pretty obvious that her show numbers were not great for her to be yanked like that. Business is business and, again, she could not hold an hour.

If Glenn Beck deserved any criticism, it would be that he gave her a chance in the first place. But the reality is that Glenn Beck is a very nice guy and saw potential. He gave her a chance. She blew it and now, like the entitled millennial stereotype she epitomizes, cannot accept any blame for her own actions.

Tomi Lahren should be thanking Glenn Beck and The Blaze for giving her the opportunity of a life time. They gave her a TV show, a platform to build her brand and an audience for herself, and she set it all on fire by calling her fans hypocrites and reversing herself publicly on an issue within months of taking the diametrically opposite position.

Good riddance.

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