Tonight: Marco & Ted Must Man Up

For several weeks now, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have behaved like children to one another. It’s only a matter of time before they start yelling, “He’s on my side!!!!”

They need to take the same side in Texas tonight: against Trump.

CNN is going to try to provoke argument between Cruz and Rubio. They need to not take the bait. Instead, they need to focus all their energies on throwing Donald Trump off his game.

Despite Trump’s win in South Carolina, we know Cruz was able to damage Trump there and drag his polling down.

We know Rubio is capable of doing it too.

Tonight in Texas they need to ignore Carson, they need to ignore Kasich, and they need to ignore each other. Cruz and Rubio have one job tonight: defeat Trump.

And Ted, don’t argue with Wolf Blitzer. It comes across douchey. Fight Trump, gentlemen. Fight Trump.

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