Too Little Too Late? Uber CEO Kalanick Quits Trump Advisory Board

The liberal outrage machine (gun) has taken aim and fired for effect at Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, for the unforgivable crime of “collaborating with the enemy (President Trump).”

Statements alone are not enough penitence for this crime, which was compounded by his company actually allowing drivers to pick up passengers from JFK airport during a taxi strike in protest of Trump’s immigration executive order. That prompted a #DeleteUber trend on Twitter, which lasted approximately one day, when liberals reinstalled the app to take their next ride. (Because they can’t live without Uber and they know it.)

Now Kalnick has quit Trump’s economic advisory council.

In his email to employees, he said his participation was being interpreted as a sign that he had endorsed the president and the administration’s agenda. In fact, Mr. Kalanick said, the immigration order was hurting many people across America.

“Immigration and openness to refugees is an important part of our country’s success and quite honestly to Uber’s,” he wrote.

Not to be cynical, but this was just a business decision. Lyft took full advantage of the situation, wasting no time to build up their own business. The New York Taxi Alliance also benefitted from the anti-Trump sentiment. And engineers and employees of Uber threatened to jump ship if their CEO didn’t do something.

So Kalanick did something. But it’s not going to be enough.

I predict that this storm will continue until Kalnick steps down from Uber. It’s going to cost him his job. The anti-Trump forces need a scalp for their efforts, and–sorry Travis–the selection has been made for the sacrifice.

Some told Mr. Kalanick that they had suffered a personal cost — a stigma, they said — of working at Uber. One staff member asked him to present the benefits of working at Uber that could outweigh that personal cost.

Once the word “stigma” is used, there’s no turning back. It’s too little, too late for the Uber CEO. He should just quit now and cut his losses before it gets really ugly. Sorry, that’s just the way liberals roll. Someone’s got to pay, and this time it’s Kalanick.

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