Traitor Snowden Decries Ransomware Hack Based on NSA Leak

In a huge turn of irony, hackers have wreaked chaos at the Russian Interior Ministry, along with the British National Health Service and Spain’s Telefónica. The attack consisted of “ransomware” which encrypts a computer’s files and then blackmails the user to pay a ransom to get them back. It used an exploit that was part of the NSA’s surveillance toolkit and was leaked to the public several months ago.

If the Russians, who harbor and protect an American traitor, had found the exploit first, I doubt we’d have known about it beforehand.

The British were particularly hard hit, since “up to 90 percent of NHS computers still run Windows XP.” Microsoft discontinued the 16-year-old operating system and stopped all support and patches in 2014. Not to blame the victims here, but nobody serious should be running Windows XP outside of a virus lab.

The ransomware is taking advantage of EternalBlue, an exploit spies used to secretly break into Windows machines, according to the Register.

Microsoft did issue a patch for EternalBlue, but only for supported operating systems.

The NSA used this vulnerability as part of its surveillance toolkit, and only reported it to Microsoft after a security breach was discovered last August, the Washington Post reported.

Microsoft fixed the problem in a patch it released in March, before a group calling itself the “Shadow Brokers” publicly released it online in April.

The ransomware, known as #WannaCry, brought out the usual calls for clipping the NSA’s wings.

The traitor Snowden has done more damage to our national security cyberwarfare capabilities than perhaps any living soul. Here he is slamming the NSA because they found an exploit before more nefarious hackers did.

Microsoft did nothing wrong. It has a right to discontinue support for Windows XP, which it released  in 2001.

Blatantly untrue. NHS hospitals using Windows XP knew they were vulnerable, not just from NSA-discovered vulnerabilities, but any vulnerabilities, since Microsoft no longer supported the product (the NHS got a one-year extension in 2014 but that has long expired). This is like buying a 2005 Chevy Silverado and complaining when GM refuses to honor the warranty that expired in 2008.

Honestly, I’d rather have the eggheads at the NSA find exploits than have the Russians find them. Would the Russian hackers who work for Putin have reported EternalBlue to Microsoft? Would Snowden, who lives outside of a prison cell only by clinging to the bosom of Mother Russia, be so quick to condemn his protectors if they found the exploit first?

No, of course not. We’d never even be having this discussion, because when Russian hackers find an exploit, they tell nobody. They could even be spying on us right now (they probably are). The NSA is our best defense against foreign cyberwarfare.

The problem isn’t the NSA finding exploits, or even using them (although I admit there are privacy concerns). The problem is the traitorous leakers who would rather betray their country than work within the system. If anyone is to blame for #WannaCry, it’s Snowden and people like him.

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