Traitor Snowden: Obama Pardon ‘Never Been More Likely’

The traitor Edward Snowden told Katie Couric in a Yahoo News interview that a pardon by President Obama “has never been more likely.”

COURIC: “Let’s talk about your pardon now. The Pardon Snowden campaign launched in September led by backers like George Soros, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the ACLU. What you think your chances are that President Obama, well in fact, pardon you?”
SNOWDEN: “Well I’m not counting on it. And this is the — the key here. The possibility for pardon, it seems to every expert who’s looked at this issue has never been more likely. And this is a surprise to myself more than anyone else, I think.”
COURIC: “Why do you say that?”
SNOWDEN: “Well just a few days ago we had 15 members of the church committee, most people may not remember what they are, but in the 1970s the intelligence organizations went through
the greatest period of oversight of their history. They — they sort of pulled up the blankets and looked at what was happening at the CIA, the NSA, the FBI. They were writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saying that they had
tapes of what he had done in hotel rooms. And if he didn’t commit suicide they were going to release them and destroy his reputation. They were secretly administering psychedelic drugs to college students to see the impacts that would have. They were engaging in assassination, operations that were contrary to both American and international law. All kinds of crazy things.”

So to assuage the liberal consciences of people who are ashamed of the way the FBI treated Martin Luther King, Jr., the President of the United States should pardon a man who exposed the deepest secrets our government kept, including specific, actionable information that terrorists have used to avoid detection.

This is what Snowden is saying drives the “Pardon Snowden” campaign.

Should President Obama pardon this man, he should also posthumously pardon John Anthony Walker, the Duquesne Spy Ring, and Benedict Arnold. He should also release Greg Chung, who spied for China, along with Noshir Goadia and Chi Mak. While he’s at it, he should pardon Ana Montes, because she only spied for Cuba; Robert Hanssen, Aldrich Ames, and Chelsea Bradley Manning.

Hell, pardon them all.

If Snowden gets a pardon, then no betrayal of the United States is too terrible for forgiveness to make people who think America is an awful country feel better about themselves.

I think I might vomit in disgust.

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