Transportation is a Human Right, According to Kamala Harris

Every time we think we’ve seen the end of the rights that the Left makes up, along comes another leftwing politician who discovers a new “human right.” Today, it’s freshman California Senator Kamala Harris, who has stumbled up0n our right to transportation:

That’s correct: it’s the right to transportation! And the cure is more government spending, of course.

So where does that leave all of us who can’t hop on the Acela – are we less than human? Should we lower the voting age to 16, so that all our human rights are granted to us at the same time? Is the next step to guarantee a car for every American? Is the new rallying cry, “Give me high speed rail, or give me death?” I’ve got a million questions, because I can’t seem to wrap my head around what this new human right really means for all of us.

It’s all so ridiculous, but as Elliott Hamilton has noted at The Daily Wire, statements like this are par for the course for Harris:

Kamala Harris has been known to promote progressive nonsense prior to her tenure as a US Senator and has doubled down on that path since taking office. During the Women’s March last Saturday, Harris gave a speech suggesting that climate change is a women’s issue, further peddling the increasingly nonsensical tenets of intersectional feminism. In addition, she asked now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo about gay rights and climate change during his confirmation hearings instead of issues surrounding national security like Islamic State or Russian hacks.

I just don’t see how anyone can take Kamala Harris seriously when she continues to spout nonsense like this all the time. Is the Left so averse to self-examination that they can’t see that idiotic statements like these are why they lost in 2016 and very well could continue to lose for the foreseeable future? The next six years of Senator Harris’ first term might wind up being entertaining if she keeps this up.

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