Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. speaks to media at Trump Tower, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Trump And Sessions – Tension Grows Even Worse

Jeff Sessions is said to be irate, following Donald Trump’s recent public tongue-lashing.  The tension between the two men has grown to the point that they are no longer even speaking to one another.  Instead, they are communicating through aides.

Trump’s anger started over Sessions’ recusal from the Russia probe, and he is said to be getting angrier with each new story on the subject.  Meanwhile, Sessions is upset and puzzled by the treatment.

The split has even divided the White House against itself.  According to Politico,

Inside the White House, a heated battle has broken out over Sessions’ future. His supporters, led by Steve Bannon, are trying to walk Trump “down from the brink,” according to one. They have told him how badly the move could play in conservative media and how bad the fallout might be.

Conservatives have warned the White House against firing Sessions.  But reports are that Trump doesn’t care.  He’s mad, and that’s all that matters.  So, Trump seems like he’s seriously considering firing Sessions, but at the same time, he cannot pull the trigger.  But not for any reason you might expect.

Strangely enough, Trump hates direct confrontation.  Despite his blustery persona and famous catchphrase of “You’re Fired!”, he actually dreads firing people in a personal manner.  He’ll have others do it for him, but he apparently won’t do it himself.  If he must fire people, he prefers to force them out through humiliation and smears.  He expects that underlings get sick of the abuse and just quit.  This gives an added benefit to be able to assert his dominance over the quitters and show everyone he’s the alpha.  All the while, he avoids confrontation.

She went on…


But this situation is different than firing Lewandowski, Christie, Comey, or Flynn.  This is very public and very high up.  Since this is his Attorney General, Trump himself has to deal with the situation.  But he doesn’t seem capable of firing him at the moment.  So he is tormenting Sessions in hopes of driving him out.

Again from Politico,

“[Trump] wants to fire him but he doesn’t want the confrontation,” said one adviser who frequently speaks to him. “He doesn’t mind the long negative storyline. He will torture him every single day.”

This person said Trump also wants to see how Sessions will respond to humiliation and has mocked his response so far.

In the West Wing, there is a growing consensus that Sessions is not long for this world, several officials said. “It’s kind of clear how this ends.”

This sounds incredibly sadistic.  But at the same time, Trump’s latest confrontation is with a savvy political veteran, who gave up the safest Senate seat in the country to run the Justice Department.  This isn’t the manager job at the Trump Tower taco bar we’re talking about.  There is too much power and legacy at stake for the Attorney General to walk away now.  Apparently, Sessions’ chief of staff has flat out told Reince Priebus that he’s not going anywhere.

So, if Sessions goes, Trump’s going to have to do the dirty work himself.  If that happens, Trump will burn a lot of bridges with a lot of conservatives, and his administration may not recover from it.

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