Trump and the Establishment Become One

There was a humorous irony in Cleveland last night that will go ignored by Trump supporters. The very establishment they have railed against joined forces with Donald Trump to snuff out any dissent against Trump.

Trump could have let the delegates express themselves, but refused. Proclaimed a success by Trump and his forces, the reality is they had to strong arm delegates and ignore a sitting United States Senator to silence any and all dissent, much as the left does.

Reince Priebus, himself loathed by Trump supporters, diligently lobbied delegates on Trump’s behalf. The Chair of the Rules Committee rushed to shut off debate.

And they accomplished their goal. They cut short the “Free the Delegates” movement, which had they let proceed might have fallen short of the votes they thought they had. Now they’ll have a fight spill over onto the floor. But more importantly, they’ve just grown the number of Republican delegates moving into the #NeverTrump camp.

What both the press and GOP fail to understand is that those who said they were “never Trump” did not mean “until after the convention.” They meant never. And now they’ve added to their ranks.

They also give the media another line with which to undermine Trump. He had to use a committee chairman to shut down debate and silence dissent, which begs the question of how strong his support within the convention and GOP at large really is.

We will find out now, barring surprises next week, in November. Until then, the Trump campaign and his supporters become and are now allied with the very establishment they claim to loathe.

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