Trump Campaign Decides It is Okay With GOP Keeping Its Distance

Gov. Susana Martinez will not be going to Donald Trump’s event in New Mexico. She says she is “really busy,” which is code for she thinks being with Trump could put her own political career in jeopardy.

Her name has come up as a possible running for Trump, but she has no interest in doing that and has been pretty frank in that regard in the past. At the same time, the Trump campaign is signaling that it is okay with all of this. Senate Republicans are worried about being tied to Trump. Already the Democrats are trying to stick them with Trump. Any Republican who says he supports Trump gets an ad against him with Trump’s words.

Donald Trump’s campaign is privately giving Senate Republicans in tough reelection races its blessing to avoid the presumptive nominee if he campaigns in their states, the latest effort by the unconventional candidate to build goodwill with a nervous GOP establishment.

This is a surprisingly mature view from the Trump campaign. The real question is whether he can get his supporters to do the same. I suspect some Trump supporters will seek retribution against Republicans who refuse to stand shoulder to shoulder with Trump.

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