Trump Campaign Manager Conway Calls Out Trump’s ‘Abuse’ of Women

Merely a week ago, Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway let slip a revealing acknowledgment of her candidate’s horrendous treatment of women.

While discussing Trump’s first debate performance in an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, Conway preened that her candidate had been ready to go after Hillary “and say some rough things if she was going to challenge him about his abuse…his record on women.”

Was this a Freudian slip or an ironic moment of prescience? In her gut, I believe Conway knew the truth about Donald Trump. Her ridiculous claim that Trump is a man of restraint and virtue and that “restraint is a virtue and it’s a presidential virtue” arises from pure political calculation or naive wishful thinking. Either way, it was a laughable claim. It is no laughing matter now.

Now we have definitive proof that Trump is not just a vulgar man who says vulgar things. By his own recorded admission, he is a full out sexual predator who habitually commits sexual assault. He does so because he believes he is so powerful, such a celebrity ‘star’ that he can get away with it. Others will encourage him, laugh with him, enable him.

Kellyanne Conway should salvage a few shreds of female dignity and resign her position as Campaign Manager immediately. Otherwise, she is worse than just another enabler. Her position establishes her as the payrolled Chief Enabler.

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