Trump Campaign’s Colorado Operation is Toast

This is pretty impressive for a man who wants to make America great again.

Addressing the audience, Trump’s new Colorado state director Patrick Davis told supporters to vote for the three pro-Trump delegate candidates on a glossy brochure the campaign distributed.

“Look for them on the back when you vote Donald Trump!” Davis said. “He’s going to make America great again!”

There was only one problem: Two of the three names weren’t listed on the ballot.

Ted Cruz is sweeping through Colorado’s congressional districts getting his delegates selected. Those delegates, though unbound, are committed to Cruz and heading to Cleveland.

That is why Donald Trump is now complaining about the need to win a majority of delegates. The odds grow daily that he can’t because he has no state organizations in places like Colorado to be effective.

Trump has run on the strength of his personality, which is more and more becoming a weakness. Without ground operations to offset it, there is not much he can do.

If Trump cannot win on the first ballot outright with 1,237 delegates, he is toast.

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