Trump can relate. The Media can’t.

Look at that picture.  Breathe it in.  Marvel at how out of touch this snobby jerk must be.  Super model wife.  Greek pillars on the walls.  More gold than a pre-steroid tested Russian Olympian.  HIS FREAKING KID PLAYS WITH TOY LIMOUSINES!

There’s no way a factory worker in Michigan is going to vote for that guy.  In politics (I know about politics. I suffered humiliating losses in two congressional races. nbd), there’s no ability like relatability and Trump can’t relate to the working man.

Except he can and the media can’t.  It’s really that simple.  There has never been a concentrated media effort to destroy a presidential candidate like there was with Trump this general election.  And it failed.

It failed because Hillary had no message and it failed because a New York billionaire has a better feel for the pulse of the voter than the American media.  Just yesterday we were treated to weeping and gnashing of teeth because Trump went to get a steak dinner with his family and left the press pool behind.  Bradley Cumberpatch over at the New York Important Person Journal (fake person and newspaper), and all of his media friends are very upset about it.

What does the media see when he does something like that?  They see a power-mad tyrant who thinks he’s above being held accountable to THE PROTECTORS OF THE ELECTORATE.

What does the public see?  They see a guy who wanted to have dinner with his family without a media they don’t trust covering it from a biased angle.

It’s been one week since the election.  Have another look at the headlines.  They’re all about Steve Bannon and potential appointments to Trump’s cabinet.  You can argue all day long those are important issues and the public has a right to be informed.  Heck, you might be right.  But the public doesn’t care and the more the media tries to MAKE them care, the more they simply think this is another hatchet job.

Here’s some friendly advice that won’t be heeded to our friends in the media (I don’t really mean “friends”. I hate the media with the fire of a thousand suns and consider them the enemies of liberty. I said “friends” because that’s the Christian thing to do): Focus on BIG things.  Things that matter to working families living paycheck to paycheck.  Those families don’t know or care about Steve Bannon and the first time they heard about “the traveling press pool” was last night when Trump was sinking his teeth into a prime rib.  Families want to know if they’re going to be able to afford braces for little Johnny Snaggletooth without having to sell the family farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Snaggletooth do not give a crap that the media was left behind in a New York Marriot while Trump had steak.

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