Trump Foreign Policy Speech Live Blog

Donald is making a “major foreign policy speech”:

And after 45 minutes, Trump is done.

Trump distilled:

Something for everyone.

Let’s ignore 1.5 billion people. “Go our separate ways.”

Serious people in the audience are cringing and offering golf claps for Trump’s incoherent and embarrassing speech.

Trump’s plan to rebuild America is based on new technologies.

Trump will get rid of ISIS, but in return our “Muslim friends” will have to “appreciate” it first. Nonsense.

“America is going to have a coherent foreign policy…”–Trump. But, he himself isn’t being coherent.

So presidential we’re bored to death.

Wait…Trump’s third point “nobody can depend on us” directly contradicts his second point, “no free rides for our allies.” If they can’t count on us unless they pay protection money, then how can they count on us?

Trump identifies “Five main weaknesses in our foreign policy.”

Trump quotes Reagan: “Tear down this wall.”

“It’s time to shake the rust off America’s foreign policy.”

“America first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.”

NYT offers a clue on what Trump might say.

They are saying Trump is going to read his speech. I don’t see a teleprompter on the stage, so either he’s going to read it from a page, or he has memorized it.



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