Trump Gaslights On Missouri Like He ‘Won’ Something

Missouri finally certified their election results today (Tuesday), after a very close election which Trump beat Cruz by just 0.2 percent.

When the election was over on March 15, we all knew that Trump beat Cruz by a small margin, and would take 25 delegates to Cruz’s 15. This was never in question. But since the margin was so small, some automatic recounts applied, delaying the election results certification by Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander.

Then Donald Trump, fresh off an enormous losing streak, tried to gaslight everyone on Twitter by claiming he got an extra 12 delegates (which he didn’t).

Update: Trump deleted the tweet. Apparently the teenage intern who sent it was never informed how delegates are actually awarded. Or maybe the teenage intern informed Donald, who reportedly composes his own tweets.

Those were the 12 delegates he already got from winning Missouri. Now the election is certified. Picking up a few votes in the recount made zero difference. There’s no “additional” anything.

Nice try, Donald.

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