Trump Goes Low, Democrat Left Goes Lower

Last week I wrote an article where I argued that despite the fact that President Trump is bumbling, stumbling, and truly flailing to enact anything remotely resembling a conservative or even traditionally Republican policy agenda, the Democrat left is still managing to blow it.

Blinded by their abject hatred for all things Trump, and convinced that perhaps for the first time they have a legitimate argument for seizing the moral high ground from Republicans who have largely abandoned standards of decency in their defense of an indecent man, the left goes completely and utterly bonkers. Somehow they come across as zealots even more frightfully unhinged and unreasonable than the man they condemn.

And right on cue after I wrote those words, came a perfect embodiment of their accuracy.

In unleashing a barrage of personal attacks against the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, President Trump was being chastised from all sides. His petty narcissism, his frighteningly narrow shoulders, his sensitivity to criticism, and his peevish need to lash out at anyone who doesn’t fawn over him, were on full display.

The best thing Democrats could have done would have been to hold a microphone up to his mouth, amplify his words, and let a country of reasonable people judge for themselves the contemptuous nature of Trump’s behavior.

But they couldn’t do it. They just can’t help themselves. And not just lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda who decided to use his talents to condemn President Trump to Hell. Really.

Democrat economist Paul Krugman of the New York Times just went bat-poop crazy tweeting out:

“Cholera. In a US territory. Among US citizens. In the 21st century. Heckuva job, Trumpie.”

His tweet generated over 23,000 likes and roughly 10,000 retweets. The only problem was that it wasn’t true. Something he was forced to acknowledge hours later:

“OK, cholera not confirmed. Conjunctivitis yes; lack of clean water (situation worsening, not improving) makes it a risk. But not certain.”

This is the left’s problem. Trump’s behavior was bad enough, they didn’t need to invent a ridiculous rumor about a 19th century epidemic suddenly surging into Puerto Rico. Doing so doesn’t discredit Trump; it discredits them. Along those lines, here’s liberal LGBT champion Dan Savage:

“Refugees from Puerto Rico can take their revenge on Trump and the GOP by settling in swing states and voting for Democrats.”

Trump crassly injects personal politics into the humanitarian crisis. So liberals like Savage respond by…crassly injecting personal politics into the humanitarian crisis. Not to mention that Savage apparently didn’t realize that Puerto Ricans are American citizens and thus would not be refugees.

Even the so-called “religious left” couldn’t maintain any dignity. Activist Shane Claiborne of the Red Letter Christians attacked:

“I can’t help but think if Puerto Rico were filled with 3.5 million white folks, Donald Trump would be in San Juan instead of on a golf course.”

There’s so much wrong with this response it’s tough to know where to start. First of all, Shane might want to familiarize himself with the demographics of Puerto Rico. The vast majority of the island is made up of white citizens of mainly Spanish origin. Blacks and Asians make up a combined less than 10% of the island’s population.

But beyond that, this kind of unsubstantiated race-baiting overreach is exactly what pushes people to defend Trump’s indefensible conduct.

It’s said so often it is becoming cliché. But it’s true: if Trump gets re-elected in 2020, the left will have no one but themselves to blame.

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