Trump Has Done The Climate a Massive Favor

Lean in and listen. Let the truth salve your conscience.

The Anthropomorphic Global Warming movement was never serious. It never bought the goods it was selling. It was, in fact, a giant confidence game. And the mark just walked away.

That’s not to say global warming, or concerns about our environment and what humans are doing to it, aren’t real. It’s not to say that pumping billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the mesosphere is good for the future of human habitation. It undoubtedly puts more stress on earth’s environmental regulators and ecosystems than if we didn’t do it.

But the AGW movement didn’t want to deal fairly with climate change. It wanted to force America to fix everything while the rest of the world does very little. In former President Barack Obama, they found their ideal mark. Then Trump came along and unmasked the con.

Even if America wanted to, we could not significantly reduce our carbon footprint without unacceptable consequences.

In 2008, an MIT class studied Americans’ “carbon footprints” by economic status, compared to other countries. The results were written up in Science Daily. Unsurprisingly, the biggest factor in carbon footprint per capita wasn’t individual lifestyle or economic status. It was the level of development of the United States versus other countries.

But the “floor” below which nobody in the U.S. can reach, no matter a person’s energy choices, turned out to be 8.5 tons, the class found. That was the emissions calculated for a homeless person who ate in soup kitchens and slept in homeless shelters.

The 2008 global per capita average was 4 tons, and the American average was 20 tons. That’s because America is a developed country with paved roads, police and fire protection, hospitals, and infrastructure.

They found that achieving significant reductions for the most part required drastic changes that would likely be unacceptable to most people. As a result, they said, “this all suggests to us very significant limits to voluntary actions to reduce impacts, both at a personal level and at a national level.”

In other words, America can’t be America–we have to be India. But India has lots of room to grow. Or more simply: the world can never live up to America’s standard of living without destroying itself.

This is the basic contradiction in the AGW movement. They claim the ultimate Atlas Shrugged where the John Galts (AlGores) go to their personal carbon paradise while the unwashed nonbelievers must simply reduce their expectations and make the sacrifice. It’s Malthusian resource depletion with land as the resource (and, of course, crop failure, disease, catastrophes ad nauseum).

By Trump exiting the U.S. from the unserious and virtue-signalling Paris Accord, those who believe in this coming nightmare must fend for themselves. In the U.S., it’s impossible to get below 8.5 tons, no matter what. That leaves  U.S. AGW adherents telling the rest of the world to stop raising their standard of living, or raising up an army to destroy America’s standard of living.

Instead they could focus on ways to raise non-industrialized countries standards of living while limiting carbon footprints. The best place to do that is not in the U.S., where our infrastructure is fairly well developed. The U.S. government should not tax Americans to pay for the rest of the world to figure this out. That was the whole reason behind the Paris “Green Fund” and national contributions–tax the rich to pay developing countries.

Without the U.S. government’s heavy hand, now the AGW movement has to sell their ideas in the marketplace. They need to raise money privately, which they’re already starting to do.

Countries around the world lit up their buildings in green in support of the Paris Accord. Yay for them.

Buildings in major world cities such Paris, Mexico City, Washington, D.C., and New York City lit their facades in green to show support for the agreement. The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio (D), tweeted that City Hall turned green on Thursday “because New York City will honor the goals of the Paris Agreement.”


I’m absolutely in support of this. If individual Americans want to join in the effort to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s their choice and liberty to do so. If they want to pay other countries to find ways to raise their standard of living while keeping a low carbon footprint, great.

If cities want to join in this, that’s how our federal republic works. This isn’t illegal immigration, where sanctuary cities violate federal law, so New York City can support the Paris Accords if it wants to (good luck with that, as Manhattan probably has one of the highest carbon footprints in the world).

Now that Trump has exposed the con, he has freed the AGW movement to actually do something to address global warming. Maybe now they’ll rid themselves of charlatans and celebrities who fly their corporate jets to luxury conference sites and get on with the job.

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