Trump Humorously Acknowledges James Comey at Reception for Law Enforcement

On Sunday, President Trump held a reception for law enforcement and first responders. The president thanked the law enforcement community for their assistance in the inauguration and the transfer of power:

We’re going to have a great eight years together, as they say. Again, the inauguration was such a success and such a safety success, and we want to thank you all because it was a very, very special experience.

I want to thank you. I wanted you to come down personally… [Acknowledging the secret service,] from day one, I have felt safe.

President Trump also recognized FBI Director James Comey and greeted him with a gentle joke: “He’s become more famous than me.” Comey and Trump then shook hands. Watch the exchange here:

The president and Vice President Mike Pence then posed for photographs with those in attendance. It appeared to be a warm, gracious moment, one that hopefully marks the start of a good rapport between the Trump administration and the law enforcement community.

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