President Donald Trump waves as he arrives to deliver a speech at Krasinski Square at the Royal Castle, Thursday, July 6, 2017, in Warsaw. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Trump in Warsaw: A Return To Real American Leadership

When Barack Obama would go on world tours and spend his time apologizing for all the alleged sins of the United States, the American press corps would fawn over him and his statesmanship. But at his departure from the world stage, the United States and its Western allies face an expanded ISIS threat, a growing Russian threat, a North Korea on the verge of nuclear weapons, a China with expansionist tendencies, and Iran still funding terrorists in an increasingly destabilized Middle East.

As Donald Trump works to clean up the mess of President Obama, the media is not only in denial about eight disastrous years for American foreign policy, but they are assailing President Trump for daring to speak boldly in Poland. Most hilariously, they attacked the President for calling them dishonest then dishonestly claimed the Polish First Lady had snubbed President Trump.

It does not matter. The American left may be screaming racism, and the American press may be crying like a stuck pig, but the world heard clearly there is a new sheriff in town and he intends to be consequential and quintessentially American.

President Trump dared to rally the world against Islamic radicals — calling them out by that name, something others feared to do. He urged the West to stand proudly for Western values against the growing threat. He spoke of the need to rebuild and strengthen families. He even rebuked Russia’s expansionist angst against Eastern Europe.

President Trump was Reaganesque in much of his speech. He showed a strong appreciation for Poland, and they reciprocated — positively shattering the media myth that everyone around the world hates the President.

It is a statement of the strength of President Trump’s speech that the left is in absolute meltdown. Peter Beinart, in the fetal position at the Atlantic, claims it was racist and too religious. The kids at Vox think it was “alt-right.” It is a pretty damning indictment against the left that a positively pro-America speech would be viewed as racist and paranoid. ISIS and its fellow jihadists have been able to make such great inroads because the Western leftist elite are too ashamed of their own heritage to embrace Western values as the gold standard in civilization.

Thankfully, President Trump is willing to accept Western values are combined a positive good in the world. And President Trump is not ashamed of American power, nor is he afraid to assert our leadership in the world.

Many people have presumed President Trump would retreat from the world stage and draw the United States back into itself, returning the giant to sleep. Instead, in Warsaw, we saw an American President ready to reassure the world that we are going nowhere and we are done apologizing for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

President Trump’s speech in Warsaw will be a significant milestone in the renaissance of American diplomacy on the world stage. Other world leaders may privately dislike him, but they all know President Trump means business and he will have the West’s back instead of trying to legacy build by glad-handing terrorist regimes like his predecessor.

It is nice to have a President willing to assert America is good because America is first and foremost an idea, not just a landmass with people of a common tongue.

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