Trump is a Christian Just Like He Was Last Year; That’s a Relief

I chose to give James Dobson, and by extension, Donald Trump, the benefit of the doubt in the matter of Trump’s soul. Because wouldn’t you want the benefit of the doubt in such a matter? I would. But I had an ulterior motive in being so beneficent withholding my skepticism. The point was “so, what? Trump is still unacceptable as a candidate.”

Erick took the skeptical path and his doubts were rewarded by being true. My point of irrelevancy remains unscathed.

What’s illuminated here is how evangelicals are being tempted to wholesale abandon wisdom and Godly counsel when faced in person with Trump’s siren song. The man is a pocket Satan offering each pastor the same bargain Jesus rejected from the top of the Temple. It’s sad that so many have cast themselves down, daring God to save them.

It turns out that the person who purportedly led Trump to Christ was Paula White, a heretic prosperity preacher whose own unholy antics rival the one to whom she’s a “spiritual adviser.” (Like Oprah Winfrey is a spiritual adviser.)

Not everyone is taken in, but of course, evangelical leaders like Dr. Russell Moore are terrible Christians, according to Trump.

So a charlatan prosperity preacher said she led a charlatan Donald Trump to a Christ who dispenses cash like one of the one-armed bandits at Trump’s casinos. That means Trump’s Christianity is the same as it was when he claimed he was a Christian last year. That explains a lot; that explains everything.

Christians: Be on guard. The deception is very strong, and the temptation to justify Trump is even stronger for those attracted by his doubletalk. Even scions of the faith, in their senior years, are not immune.

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