Trump is Going to Have Some Big Wins Soon. And He Can Still Be Stopped.

Ted Cruz got more votes in Wisconsin than Donald Trump got in New York. But Trump got more delegates in New York because, in Donald Trump’s words, the system is rigged. But the system is the system and the rules haven’t changed. But some in the GOP are starting to think they need to come to terms with Trump. He has brought in K Street, the most easily purchased part of the GOP, because K Street knows it cannot buy off Ted Cruz.

The rest of the GOP should stand strong, even though Trump is about to get some more wins. Trump is going to do very well in New England — a particular bit of the country that he has no shot at winning in November and is least typical of the GOP. Republicans should think long and hard about handing their party over to a man who can win the corrupt infrastructure of the GOP in New York, but cannot win in Wisconsin.

As Our Principles PAC and others have noted, Trump can win all the committed delegates in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, along with large majorities in Connecticut, Maryland, and West Virginia, and still come short of 1,237.

The goal of Republicans must be to stop Trump from getting to 1,237 and it is very doable even now.

Shame on those Republicans who are willing to make a deal with the devil at this point. They think they’ll be able to preserve the party and weather the storm. They will not. Trump will ruin the party. Down ballot races will be decimated. Already the RNC is warning it may have to preserve money just to mitigate Senate losses with Trump as the nominee.

The Republican Party and its allies need to firmly resist Trump. There is still time to stop him from getting 1,237 delegates. The majority of delegates at the convention will already be opposed to Trump, even if they are forced to vote for him on the first ballot. So stop him from 1,237 delegates and he will be defeated.

It is time to go all in in Indiana and elsewhere against Trump. Wage the war on him the Clintons would wage and do it without delay.

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