Trump is no Romney or Reagan

Mitt Romney is a good man. He was a flawed candidate, and ran a terrible campaign but is genuinely a good man. When the child of one of his employees went missing, he led the rescue mission. Romney closed his company and flew 30 of his executives down to New York to find the kid, and they did. There are many, many, many examples of his acts of generosity that went far and above simply writing a check. Nevertheless, the media relentlessly excoriated him over fabricated controversies such as Bain Capitol and high school pranks from 40 years ago.

So what can we learn from this?

If the media will perform character assassination on a saint like Mitt Romney, can you IMAGINE what they will do to someone with real baggage like Donald Trump? Trump has largely gotten a pass on comments about women, his daughter, (did i say women?) and veterans, but rest assured the media’s attacks are coming if he is the nominee.

The worst part is that these attacks would serve as masterful distractions from Hillary’s own laundry list of baggage. We need a nominee who is above reproach. We need someone who can stand on stage with Hillary, pointing out her past without fear of our own skeletons being revealed. Our nominee must have the character of Romney and the conservative bonafides of Reagan. Donald Trump is not that guy, by either measure.

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