Trump Is Really Considering a Democrat With Russian Ties as VP

Donald Trump’s VP short list includes former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who last year was a registered Democrat, sitting at the table of honor with Vladimir Putin after giving a speech at Russia Today (RT)’s tenth anniversary.


The Washington Post reported Saturday:

Trump is said to be understanding and open to that argument, but he is slightly bored by the prospect of going with a traditional Republican. As a longtime celebrity, he has countered that advice with points about the need for surprise and star power. But he is torn about whether his gut instincts should outweigh political calculation, the people said.

The Republican suicide machine seems to run on perpetual motion energy. It’s not enough for Trump to throw a millstone around his neck, wear cement overshoes, slip a noose over his head, and jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not enough that Trump also bored by attacking Clinton.

Now he’s got to find a fellow former Democrat turned against Obama–mostly over how to fight ISIS and how to define our terrorist enemies. It would be just like Trump to choose someone like this, who was fairly well fired at the height of his career as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency for not playing nice with others.

I’ve known my share of military intelligence pukes–Army included. Some of them are quite humble, erudite and a joy to work with. Some of them are flaming, raving jerks somewhere in the vicinity of General Jack D. Ripper (of Dr. Strangelove). I can’t speak myself about Gen. Flynn because I don’t know him. but Politico reported some think he’s flown the cuckoo’s nest.

“Somehow Mike Flynn has blown a gasket,” said one senior U.S. official with ties to him who was not authorized to speak publicly. “He is so angry with this administration that he has forgotten his New England roots.”

(Let the record show that Rhode Island, Flynn’s home state, is only marginally considered New England–and then only by dint of the Pawtucket Red Sox–and has been a true blue liberal stronghold since before the Civil War. I would not call that “New England roots” in the more accepted sense of the term.)

The Democrats would have a ball with Flynn, like they famously did with Ross Perot’s unfortunate pick Adm. John Stockdale. The kids at Vox got a head start, speculating about Flynn’s possible actual employment by RT–which would put him on Putin’s payroll. Just the person Trump wants as a running mate.

Even the fact that Trump is considering this man is proof of incompetence at trying to win this election–or proof that Trump is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. One or the other  becomes terrifyingly closer to the truth every day.

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