Trump is Right: Terrorists Are Evil Losers Who Worship Death

Another day. Another vicious terrorist attack. On the evening of Monday May 22nd, what is now presumed to be a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Britain, killing over twenty people and wounding many dozens more. BBC reported how the horror unfolded:


“The explosion happened in the foyer of Manchester Arena on Monday night, as crowds began leaving the concert. Witnesses – many of them teenage girls – said they heard a huge bang coming from outside the auditorium. Some mistook the bang of the bomb for exploding balloons, which had been released at the end of the concert. Parents waiting to pick up their families in the foyer said the noise of the explosion was followed by a flash of fire. Metal nuts and bolts were strewn around the floor among bodies and the smell of explosives was in the air, witnesses said. They also spoke about the fear and confusion that gripped the concert-goers, as they rushed for the exits. Police were called at 22:33 BST and streets surrounding the arena and Victoria station were sealed off. Twenty-two people were killed in the explosion, including an eight-year-old girl. A further 59 people, including 12 under the age of 16, were injured and taken to hospital.”


Prime Minister Theresa May would respond forcefully: “All acts of terrorism are cowardly attacks on innocent people but this attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice, deliberately targeting innocent, defenceless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives.” A fun concert full of dancing and music ripped apart in an instant by a man bent on destruction. The victims mostly young kids. Terrified children fleeing. Parents desperately trying to find their kids while fervently praying that they might be safe – with some of those prayers sadly going unanswered. An evening of joy turned in an instant into a night of terror. Among the victims were eight-year-old Saffie Roussos and eighteen-year-old Georgina Callander (with many many more victims to be identified). And ISIS gleefully claimed credit. Can anyone doubt that evil is real?

President Trump’s remarks in the wake of this horrific attack would state, in part, that: “I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families, so many families, of the victims. We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom … So many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them from now on losers because that’s what they are.”

Trump is right about this. What else could you call someone who deliberately targets young innocent concertgoers? These acts are brazen, cowardly, and pathetic. “Evil losers” might seem simple or direct, but it is also exactly what they are.

Remember also what the President said in his speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday May 21st, where he attempted to draw a clear line between right and wrong, between good and evil, and between the civilized world and barbarism: “The true toll of ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and so many others, must be counted not only in the number of dead. It must also be counted in generations of vanished dreams … But this untapped potential, this tremendous cause for optimism, is held at bay by bloodshed and terror. There can be no coexistence with this violence. There can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it, and no ignoring it. Every time a terrorist murders an innocent person, and falsely invokes the name of God, it should be an insult to every person of faith. Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death.”

Again, Trump is right about this. The terrorist group Hamas has itself admitted that they love death, saying: “We are truly a people who love death as much as our enemies love life.” This love for death is the unifying core of the jihadist organizations operating both near and in the far-flung corners of the world. As I have written previously: “ISIS has carried out spectacular terrorist attacks around the world, including the Pulse nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino massacre, the attacks in Nice, the Paris attacks, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Brussels bombings, the Istanbul attack, the Westminster attack, the Stockholm truck attack, and the recent bombings of Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday.” This is the worship of death. And let’s not forget about al-Qaeda’s brazen killing of innocent people over the years as well: the attack on Khobar Towers, the African Embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing, the Madrid train bombings, the London train bombings, the Bali nightclub attack, its attacks on our service members in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Somalia and Yemen and elsewhere, and of course the attacks of 9/11 that took 3,000 innocent lives. And the list goes on. Indeed, what else can you conclude when any territory controlled by these terrorist groups is marked by nothing but oppression, subjugation, slavery, crucifixion, torture, beheadings, and genocide? This, again, is the worship of death.


This murderous terrorism in Manchester was not nearly the first such attack and, sadly, it will not be the last. There are lots of these evil losers who worship death scattered amongst us and throughout the world, and, because of them, more innocent people will die. But here’s the good news: There is no sign that the United Kingdom, the United States, or our allies will somehow back down in the face of evil – indeed, our resolve grows only stronger. We have goodness, we have truth, we have righteousness, and we have the finest fighting force in the history of the world all on our side. Here’s the thing about worshiping death – life is more powerful and, if you’re Christian, you know that life has actually already conquered death. And the thing about evil is this – good is simply more powerful (always has been and always will be). And, finally, the thing about losers is this – in the end, well, they lose.

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