Trump Outperformed Clinton at the NBC Forum

It is funny to watch the left tearing Matt Lauer apart for daring to ask questions of their anointed. He was no great moderator, but then Hillary Clinton was terrible.

Trump had a weak performance and some of his answers were nonsensical. But I think he came off better than Clinton for two reasons.

First, Clinton had a terrible time defending her email issue. You’d think that by now Clinton would be able to come up with a focus grouped answer that helps get her off defense on the issue, but she cannot. It made her look weak.

Second, for someone proud of her tenure as Secretary of State, she sure did not defend her tenure well. Again, Clinton looked more defensive than Trump.

I am sure you are as surprised as me that I came to the conclusion, but both Clinton and Trump are graded on a curve. They’re both terrible. Clinton, last night, just happened to be the more terrible of the two.

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