Trump Prefers His Newspapers Castrated

Donald Trump stood in front of the media he has manipulated for nearly a year and told them how he likes his reporters. Preferably, geldings, please. Because in Trump’s universe, reporters with balls are “sleazy.”

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has been, let’s call it critical, of Trump, and he set the orange-hued gorilla straight about the proper function of the press in America. In a two-point double-tap, his second point is the killer shot.

Trump made the $1 million personal donation to veterans groups a week ago and only after WaPo’s David Fahrenthold did a deep dive into where the promised money went. That was four months after the speech/fundraiser where Trump trumpeted that he had donated the money.

What you saw this morning at Trump Tower was the press at its best, not at its worst, as Trump said over and over again.

Here’s why: Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee. He is one of two people — sorry, Gary Johnson! — who might be the next president of the United States. Given that, Trump has to be held accountable for the things he has done and the things he has said — both in this campaign and in the past.

Cillizza went on to ask if it would be okay if the press ignored Hillary Clinton’s endless string of lies because she said “”trust me I did the right thing” (he was paraphrasing). The fact is, Trump made a public promise and didn’t keep it until the nosey, “sleazy” press starting calling every veterans group to ask if he had in fact fulfilled it.

The function of the fourth estate is to hold our public officials accountable to the public they purport to serve. And, as Cillizza wrote, “Accountability isn’t a partisan issue. Never has been. Never will be.”

Should Trump make it into office riding behind a populist wave who believe his “Believe me” motto, his selective dislike of the press who possess the fortitude to pursue their profession with integrity (I call it “balls”) will either be his personal downfall, or it will be America’s if he gets his way.

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