Trump Refuses to Repudiate the KKK: Does He Have Memory Problems?

Donald Trump’s campaign, in addition to not releasing his tax returns, has not released his complete medical records. I have to wonder if there is something going on.

This past Thursday night, after repeatedly praising a government run, Canadian style healthcare program, Donald Trump denied that he had ever done so.

Just the other day, Donald Trump repudiated an endorsement by David Duke, but on Sunday on CNN, Donald Trump was given three chances to repudiate Duke and the KKK, but refused to do, saying he would have to research them. If you have to research the KKK or David Duke before repudiating them, you’re doing it wrong.

Jake Tapper gave Trump multiple opportunities to repudiate not just David Duke, but the Ku Klux Klan itself. Trump said he would have to research them before doing so.

The number of contradictions, outright denials he had made prior statements, etc. means Trump is either one hell of a liar or has some memory issue going on. The latter would explain his refusal to release all his medical records.

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