Trump Republicans Are All Democrats Now

If you have listened to talk radio in the past eight years you will have heard various hosts declare one of the chief reasons the GOP lost was because they ran as Democrat-lite instead of as actual conservatives with conservative ideas.

Many of those same hosts, all of whom have profited a great deal from the conservative movement, now declare conservatism has conserved nothing and we need to run as Democrats. Of course, they do not actually say those last three words, but their candidate keeps providing more evidence that he is a Democrat.

First, he has aggressively supported socialized medicine — Obamacare on steroids. In his own words he has championed a Canadian or Scottish healthcare system, both of which are further left than Obamacare and both of which Hillary Clinton used as models for HillaryCare in the 90’s, a healthcare plan Trump supported back then and still does.

Second, he came out for a minimum wage increase. Republicans have fought this idea for a long time because it increases unemployment and, more particularly, denies the young entry into and experience in the workforce. As wages go up, employers turn to older, more experienced workers to fill those jobs, or they just simply stop hiring.

Now, on top of government healthcare and minimum wage increases, Trump is now championing six weeks of paid maternity leave at the government’s expense. “Free” as his acolytes call it.

How will they pay for it? They’ll pay for it by taking money away from the unemployed and give it to new mothers. Not only does this open the GOP up to a new class warfare line of attack, but it establishes precedent within the GOP that government imposed maternity leave is a good thing. It further sets precedent in the GOP that its leaders support “free” everything.

It is worth noting that the policy proposal comes from Ivanka Trump, who is a friend of Chelsea Clinton and a major donor to the Democratic Party as is her husband.

When Barack Obama proposed this in 2015, Trump’s cheerleaders rightly ridiculed it.

Now they are championing it.

I continue to maintain the old attitude was right. When voters are faced with the choice of Democrat-lite or full Democrat, they’ll go full Democrat every time. It’s a pity a lot of people have forgotten that.

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