Trump Says CBC Leader Turned Down Meeting – Elijah Cummings Says Trump Made it Up

Headlines are flying around today about President Trump’s bizarre press conference this morning at the White House. “Bizarre” is probably an outdated term regarding presidential politics these days. Trump was nothing less than classic Trump during the presser but his brashness did produce some head-scratching moments.

One such moment came when reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks asked the President if he had plans to include the Congressional Black Caucus in his plans to assist urban and inner city neighborhoods.

Trump responded by asking if she’d like to set up a meeting and followed up with the claim he’d already reached out to CBC leader Elijah Cummings who refused the invitation repeatedly. Cummings responded immediately, basically calling the President a liar.

This was an awkward moment from a President who is already defying every notion of political diplomacy and media relations the American electorate has held for decades. It wasn’t good optics, and now the President has set himself up against the CBC. Only time will tell how this will affect his as-yet vague plans for revitalizing American inner cities.


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