Trump Should Apologize For Megyn Kelly’s Death Threats

Politics is rough and tumble. I get that. I’ve worked in political campaigns. I’ve gone negative in them. But Trump is a whole different ballgame: Actual death threats.

I’ve pushed other candidates’ buttons and gotten them angry. But after the election, I was able to have coffee with my opponent’s campaign counterparts and enjoy a discussion on what we did and what worked, and what didn’t. Sometimes the candidate I opposed chose to hold things against me, but generally, we all realize it’s politics.

But with Trump, it’s not politics. His campaign operates at a deeper level than that. Trump can’t be pinned down on actual issues–even his wall is negotiable, or at least the height of it.

The white hot anger and invective coming off the Trump campaign causes serious death threats. Megyn Kelly told CBS Sunday Morning‘s Charlie Rose she worries someone will try to hurt her.

But there are fears that have arisen from all the attention: “It’s not so much what he writes or says; it’s how he gins up anger among so many,” Kelly said. “So it manifests in my life in several ways.”

“Have there been threats against your life?” Rose asked. “Does that concern you?”

“It’s not like I’m worried someone’s actually going to come shoot me down. But I do worry someone’s going to try to hurt me in the presence of my children.”

Still, the 45-year-old Kelly, and her husband, author Doug Brunt — parents of three children under seven — seem to take it all in stride.

Nobody takes threats against their life and the safety of their family “in stride.” They might get used to it, but it’s always there. I can’t imagine what it’s like for some celebrities who can’t escape the Paparazzi and worshipers, but add to that nut cases like Mark David Chapman, who shot John Lennon, and it gets to be stressful.

Erick wrote that he now needs security at his home due to threats which have multiplied since he disinvited Trump from the RedState Gathering last August–due to Trump’s comments about Kelly. His family had to flee the hotel in the wake of 3am phone calls and volumes of threatening voice mails and incredibly vile emails.

To her credit, Kelly remains a professional.

“If on Monday, Donald Trump says, ‘I want to come on your show,’ would you say, ‘You’re welcome. Come on. We have a spot for you’?”


“And it does not require an apology from him?” asked Rose.

“Oh God, no. No. He does not have to apologize.”

I, for one, would love to see Trump apologize. He owes an apology to the party, and to the country for dragging what should be politics into an evil swamp of angry rhetoric that foments violence. It’s not good for the GOP and it’s not good for America. In fact, it’s the opposite of what it takes to Make America Great Again™.

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