Trump Speaks Hillary’s Deplorable Word: ‘Stamina’

C.S. Lewis wrote The Narnia Chronicles out of order, and needed a back story, so he wrote a prequel, “The Magician’s Nephew” to explain Professor Kirke and the witch, Jadis. Jadis, about to lose in battle in her own universe, Charn, spoke the “deplorable word” and killed every living thing except herself.

It’s possible that Donald Trump has read Lewis’ children’s tales, that is, if he read books (which he doesn’t). But Cheeto Jadis knows how to speak deplorable words that leave him the only living thing. That word, for Hillary, is “stamina.”

I wrote last week that Trump’s desperation play is that Hillary is dying. This was recently floated by Drudge, then reinforced by Breitbart, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda (follow the link at your own risk). Trump booster Sean Hannity dutifully investigated Hillary’s weird head bobs, earning him almost universal scorn.

Back in March, persuasion blogger and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams referred to “stamina” as Trump’s linguistic “kill shot” on Hillary.

And that is why “stamina” is such a well-engineered kill shot. Between now and November, the odds of Clinton having another coughing fit, losing her balance, forgetting something, or having some other health issue is nearly 100%. Trump has primed his “stamina” kill shot to get stronger as time goes by. Confirmation bias will keep adding “evidence” to his suggestion even if that evidence is imaginary.

Now that Orange Bozo is sadly behind in every single poll and subjecting himself and the GOP to friendly fire every single day, he has to resort to “stamina” and resurrect the boogeywomyn of Hillary’s failing health. Nevermind that Donald is 15 months older than she is.

“Hillary Clinton lacks the judgment … stability and temperament and moral character to lead our nation,” the Republican presidential nominee said. “She also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS. And all of the many adversaries that we face.”

Physical stamina–as if the president’s job is to don ACUs and go out with a rifle to fight ISIS. Drop and give me twenty! Laps! Laps! Or maybe, just try not to fall asleep during the briefing, if you can manage that.

There are at least 50 reasons, off the top of my head, why I don’t want Hillary to be president. Her dying in office is not one of them. I mean, Tim Kaine could not be worse than Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. In fact, I think if Hillary announced that she had some terminal disease today, her polls might go up.

Then again, if Trump announced today that he had a terminal disease with only six months to live, he’d win the election.

Just saying.

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