TRUMP! The Frontrunner

Donald Trump deserves hearty congratulations for his win in New Hampshire.

Exit polling data shows that Republican voters are absolutely disgusted with Washington and a majority are disgusted with the GOP’s spinelessness and unwillingness to fight.

Donald Trump has conveyed a very simple message that he will fight and make things better. That message resonated with voters in New Hampshire to an amazing degree. Trump is a legitimate contender.

With that legitimacy and the knowledge that there are both a large number of undecided voters and more candidates soon dropping out whose supporters probably do not favor Trump, he is now going to have to weather serious storms.

His prior statements and support of Democrats will now come up repeatedly. In New Hampshire, Trump got off with limited attacks against him because so many of the candidates had to take out Marco Rubio.

With Rubio wounded and Trump now leading the delegate count, Trump is officially the front runner. We have seen what happened to Ted Cruz as he surged in Iowa. We saw what happened to Marco Rubio as he turned his third place Iowa loss into media spun momentum.

We will now see it happen to Donald Trump. What Trump has going for him that few of the other candidates have is real loyalty from his voters. Most of them are with him to the end. But he does have to worry about those undecideds.

Nonetheless, Trump is now in a position no one else is within the GOP: the delegate leader for the Republican nomination for President. He earned it.

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