Trump Thinks He’s Immune To Negative, Here Comes $91 Million In Anti-Trump TV

Donald Trump loves to scream how his GOP rivals spent millions in ads against him. He seems to thrive on the negative. In real dollars, about $75.7 million was spent in anti-Trump broadcast ads. That’s nothing compared to the $91 million tsunami coming from just one Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA.

The anti-Trump cash spent during the GOP primary season was effective, but not used effectively because it was spread among so many candidates. According to CNN, “[about] one out of every four dollars against Trump came from Conservative Solutions PAC, a group supporting Marco Rubio’s candidacy.” Another $10 million came from Jeb Bush. Most of that money was spent prior to March 15.

Ted Cruz’s campaign spent a paltry $4.3 million on anti-Trump ads. Trump barely spent anything in comparison, with a $2 billion free media head start.

Now there’s nothing stopping Hillary from using everything in Trump’s voluminous oppo research file to crush him, over and over again, in the media. Trump is not immune to negative ads. Of course, Trump said he’ll hit back with his own against Clinton.

But Trump declared Saturday, “Two can play that game.”

“Hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. Just remember this,” he said. “And some of these women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them after everything went down,” he said.

Sound bites won’t do win the general election. Trump is scrambling to raise cash to counter the Democrats likely billion-dollar-plus budget.

But there are signs that Trump will work with the RNC to raise cash for a race that is expected to cost $1 billion. He told The Washington Post in an interview after becoming the presumptive nominee that he intended to enter a joint fundraising agreement.

Until the terms are announced, there will be real questions about how Trump intends to raise money going forward, having lent his campaign about $38 million in an effort to win the GOP nomination.

And Trump will need to find personnel beyond a finance chairman.

Williams, the former Romney adviser, said Trump would need “to build a fundraising operation from the ground up because he starts off as a nominee with absolutely no infrastructure.”

The period between the “clinch” and the formal beginning of the general campaign, when voters get tired of hearing about politics, is prime ground for negative ads. It’s when Romney got slammed with his “binders full of women.” The Democrats are wasting no time ensuring Trump gets his full, heaping helping before July.

This is turning into a Republican disaster. Trump supporters, come November, you will all own this debacle. There’s no blaming the Establishment, or Mitt Romney, or John McCain (who both carried well over 90 percent of the party votes behind them).

This campaign is shaping up to be the most negative, most vicious, lie-infested presidential race, possibly in U.S. history, and that is saying a lot.

And it’s only May. Sigh.

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