Trump Threatens Heidi Cruz Over Tiny Liz Mair PAC Ad

Talk about a thin-skinned, Trumpertantrum-throwing bully. Donald Trump went ballistic, tweeting a threat to “spill the beans” on Heidi Trump (whatever that means) over a Facebook ad by Liz Mair’s Make America Awesome Super PAC.

“Wow @SenTedCruz, that is some low level ad you did using a picture of Melania in a G.Q. shoot.Be careful or I will spill the beans on your wife,” Trump tweeted, before deleting the message seconds later.

He then tweeted:

No, Donald. Ted Cruz had nothing to do with the ad. Liz Mair’s Make America Awesome PAC ran it.

Funny thing. Nobody ever would have seen this ad if it wasn’t for Trump’s overblown reaction. It’s almost as if he’s proud of the fact that Melania posed nude for G.Q.

Make America Awesome PAC has raised a total of just over $20,000. That’s twenty thousand dollars. Their earned media ratio has to be thousands of times that amount thanks to Donald.

For his part, Cruz didn’t flinch. Attacking wives is a pretty cowardly act, but if Melania posed naked, nobody can reasonably expect that wouldn’t come out eventually. Trump is the one who needs to be careful here.


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