Trump Threatens Riots, But Not Violent Riots

Trump, who plays big with law enforcement, wants everyone to know that if he is short by 100 delegates in Cleveland, “bad things will happen.”

“I think you’d have riots,” Trump said on CNN.

That’s like the guy in Milan who told me, when I parked my rental car on “his street” to pay him the equivalent of $5 for protection. I initially refused, but was told by my Italian friend that if I didn’t pay him “bad things will happen” to my car.

It’s petty thuggery.

But the brand of violence Trump advocates is apparently not violent violence, just a riot.

Trump’s campaign co-chair Sam Clovis told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that he didn’t think Trump said “violence, he said riots.”

CAMEROTA: “What do you think about the idea he was suggesting that there would be violence, threatening thereby violence?”
CLOVIS: “I don’t think he said violence, he said riots. And I am not —”
CAMEROTA: “Riots are violence by definition.”

I’m not sure what kind of riot is peaceful, but we’ll see when Cleveland comes around and Trump doesn’t have the delegates to win on the first ballot. He’s worried about that too, trying a bit too late to frontload the convention with his supporters (it won’t happen).

As Ben Domenech tweeted, let them riot, and they’ll find out what law and order is about.


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