Trump: To Hell With The GOP And Take Wiley With You

Donald Trump is content to tell the GOP where to go, carefully cultivating his image as an outsider. Any GOP “party types” who back him do so at their own risk, as former political director Rick Wiley found out when he was fired via Twitter.

It’s like an episode of House of Cards meets The Apprentice. I’m not a huge fan of Wiley, a big-spending campaign kingmaker, but he really never really fit in with the Trumpsters. He was gone after only six weeks.

“Rick has RNC tattooed on his forehead. He’s not part of the Trump culture,” a Trump source said. “Wiley was someone who didn’t understand what we were able to do, and he wasn’t interested in being a part of the team in the end anyway.”

The “Trump culture” revolves around personal loyalty to Himself, not the party. Those who display the proper amount of genuflection and ring-kissing are honored for their fealty. Those who don’t…become like Wiley. Wiley’s mistake was not recognizing this and behaving like he worked for a campaign instead of bad copy of Goodfellas. When he messed with Karen Giorno, he was messing with a “made woman.”

After she was recruited to run Florida — a state where Trump struggled to find Republican hands because of the influence of Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush — Giorno grew close to Trump. After Trump’s Florida win, Giorno was promoted to head the campaign’s operation in the entire Southeast.

On Tuesday, Giorno and Wiles met in Orlando to plot out the campaign’s Florida strategy. Lewandowski and Manafort joined by phone. Trump called in at one point and gave his blessing to the plan, including dumping Wiley.

As for the rest of the RNC, they can get stuffed from Trump’s point of view. Look at what he did to Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. That was a signal of how much “unity” Trump expects from the party he purports to lead.

He isn’t so much leading as conquering the GOP, making it his plaything. As president, this man will do the same to every sacred institution he touches (because judges sign bills and we need to loosen up the libel laws).

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