Trump to Send Remarks to March for Life

Peter Alexander reported on twitter this morning that Donald Trump would be calling in remarks to the March for Life in Washington D.C. today. Reports have already been swirling throughout the day that the White House had reversed course, but it now appears Trump will be sending remarks, although he will not be calling in by phone. Trump, who has historically been pro-choice, assured voters throughout the primary and general election that he is now strongly pro-life. He was criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike for some of his remarks regarding abortion.

I admit that I was very skeptical of Trump on abortion during the election, and especially so during the primary. However, his administration thus far is pleasantly surprising on the issue. In his first week in office Trump signed an executive order restoring the Mexico City policy and baring taxpayer dollars from funding abortion abroad. There are also rumors that Neil Gorsuch, a brilliant conservative judge and supporter of life, will be announced as Trump’s SCOTUS nominee next week. If that’s true it would be a huge pick for pro-life conservatives.

Trump also called out the media earlier this week for ignoring the March for Life, causing liberal heads to spin. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Trump has a way of drawing headlines. It’s refreshing to see that ability used to draw attention to the March for Life, rather than create a week long media battle about inauguration attendance. The March for Life has long suffered from an unwritten media blackout and, despite gaining serious attention on social media, rarely grabs headlines with the press. Mike Pence’s address is sure to draw attention as well, as he will be the highest ranking White House official to ever address the March for Life in person. It appears that the pro-life movement has found an unlikely friend in Donald Trump. From a person who was very critical of Trump during the election season; Thank You Mr. President.

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