Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a campaign rally at the I-X Center Saturday, March 12, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Trump Voters Are Not Immoral

I cannot bring myself to vote for Trump. He offends me and as I read scripture I believe I should have nothing to do with a man who calls himself a Christian, but who revels in sin without repentance.

But that is not a matter of the gospel. It is not a matter of salvation. Christians disagree on the reading of 1 Cor. 5, etc.

Trump voters have legitimate grievances. They see Republicans making promises then breaking them. They see Barack Obama extending the powers of the Presidency while the GOP fails to constrain him. They see a Republican Party that refuses to fight. They see family and friends addicted to drugs, their lives crumbling, their jobs going away. They see a national government imposing one size fits all morality upon local communities.

They are eager to push back against growing liberal efforts to homogenize national culture, opinion, and values. They believe their local communities are under assault.

Many of them sided with Trump because he looked most eager to fight back. They made their decision emotionally and will live with the consequences.

There are other Trump voters who look at Hillary and Trump and have concluded that come hell or high water the odds are better with Trump than Hillary for change in Washington, though they know there is no guarantee.

They are not immoral and they have reason to support him. They see Republican efforts now to oust him as confirmation that the GOP rejects them and their issues.

All of this is emotion. The choices made are emotional. The GOP spent 20 years programming its voters to hate all things Clinton and now those base voters think the party is trying to surrender to Clinton. Let’s not dismiss the real concerns of Trump voters because we dislike Trump.

You and I know that Trump cannot win. You and I know that the only possible way now to preserve the Supreme Court is to toss Trump from the ticket, but that is probably not going to happen.

Going forward, if we really want to rebuild a viable Republican Party, we’re not going to be able to blanketly dismiss the real grievances people have that caused them to seek out a man like Trump.

I am frustrated people cannot see what is happening. I am frustrated so many people have gotten conned. I am frustrated so many people so opposed to Trump are now opposed to ditching him. I am frustrated that we took a viable race and nominated the one man who could not win it. But there are others so frustrated with Washington that they do not care about my frustration. They see theirs as greater and are fine with the whole thing burning down because that, to them, is better than the status quo.

I think Donald Trump is unrepentant and immoral. I think he revels in sin and Christians rooting for him are harming their witness and the effectiveness of the church in America. But I do not think most of his voters are immoral. They are just emotional right now and making a terrible decision because of it.

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