Trump’s African-American Piv-Oh Sugar

Donald Trump just can’t keep from stepping on parts of his own anatomy with the regularity of a prune and Metamucil diet. Just when he started to make what his cult-followers called a pivot toward Latinos and African-Americans, he tweeted this.

First of all, it’s Dwyane Wade. Second of all, this could actually be worse than President Obama’s constant harping on gun control in the wake of mass shootings.

In an off-teleprompter moment, the orange-faced tufted dodo tried to woo blacks by telling them how they’re living in poverty, jobless, with no-good schools. He may as well have said, “come, live on Daddy Trumpbucks plantation! We gots plenny o’cornpone an’ you can work da fields fo’ yo’ own crops!”

If it’s possible to add more insult to injury, (white) Trump voters buy this tripe. This is how reporter Gersh Kuntzman’s Trump-supporting father framed his candidate’s view on the African-American community.

Gersh: So this week, you’re going to defend Trump’s argument that blacks should vote Republican because Democrats have been bad for them. If we’re going to do that, first, I want to point out that it is incredibly condescending for you and your GOP pals to be telling African-Americans that they don’t know how to vote for candidates who protect their interests. But go on, defend your man.

Dad: First, let’s define our terms. When Trump or I talk about how blacks should vote for Republicans, we are not talking about college-educated blacks, who are doing fine in our economy now. We are talking about the inner-city blacks without a college education who are the victims of crime, whose kids get a lousy education in the public schools, and who suffer from high unemployment rates. They should vote for Trump. All the major cities are run by Democrats and that’s where crime and poverty are rampant. Who do you blame for that? Trump blames the Democrats who run those cities. So do I.

And so do I. But that’s not the message Trump is putting out–or how they are hearing it. And resorting to dumb, dumpster fire-inducing trainwrecks by playing politics with tragedy doesn’t help anything.

If it’s possible, Trump just went from 99 percent of the black vote opposing him to greater than 100 percent.

I hope Trump’s campaign staff and surrogates enjoy their weekend of yet-more-apologies for the Boss.

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